What are the best blinds for a conservatory? Budget Blinds explain
25th March 2013
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If you’ve got a conservatory in your house, you’ll know that looking after the conservatory windows is very important. Here, Budget Blinds explain the best types of blinds to buy for a conservatory.

Roller blinds make a conservatory look very eye catching if used correctly. If you have one roller for each section of window, you can create lovely effects by rolling the blinds out to different levels, in line with the movement of the sun. This retraction function makes them easier to clean too. Their small weight won’t put any stress on the window frame they are attached to either.

Roller blinds come in a great variety of colours and fabrics in a range of prices. In fact, the only downside to Roller blinds is in the summer you will set the blinds up at various heights, but probably not have them fully closed. In winter you will want to do that though. As they have been in the sun, some of the blinds may have faded ever so slightly. 

Roman blinds have become more and more popular in recent years, as those with sewing skills can buy their own fabric and Roman blind kits containing rods, head rails and controls. This isn’t essential, and Budget Blinds will measure and fit your blinds for free. Roman blinds are incredibly versatile; any fabric can be used to make them and they come in many different colours. Roman blinds are brilliant at insulation in summer too.  

Roman blinds do have a tendency to attract dust and small insects, which is one of their few drawbacks. Roman blinds are usually lined with a blackout fabric. This does help with light control but means they can feel heavy, so fitting them onto a not very heavy UPVC conservatory wall isn’t always possible. Because of all this, although superb at protecting other rooms in the house, Roman blinds may not be the best option for conservatories. 

There are 3 types of Venetian blind available, aluminium, PVC and wooden. However, aluminium Venetian blinds are the favoured option. They don’t weigh a lot, so won’t put any pressure on any windows, they look fashionable, have a medium stack height which makes them easy to clean and are great at keeping your privacy without stopping you look out the window.  

Real wood blinds and PVC blinds don’t withstand the heat and sudden temperature changes that conservatory blinds are faced with.  

Venetian blinds come in an exceptional range of colours and patterns. There are over 12 colours to choose from at the moment. Venetian blinds don’t lose their colour because it is anodised (been increased in thickness) to preserve their brightness, Venetian blinds are easily cleaned.  

Vertical blinds are amongst the most popular option for conservatries. They are great a keeping out light and passers-by looking into your home, and excellent at keeping in heat. They are very lightweight too, so can easily be attached to conservatory walls. 

Like Roller blinds, they may start to fade a little in the sun. If that starts to happen after a few years, it’s incredibly easy to buy replacement Vertical blind slat. Prices for this start at just 50p, and if you choose a new colour, will give your conservatory a whole new look. It’s even possible to buy washable Vertical blinds so Vertical blinds are great at reinventing themselves. 

To summarise, Vertical blinds might be the best option for your conservatory, but it is worth discussing it with the experts first. Conservatories put a lot of demand on a home, so it is important to choose the right blinds for the job. Budget Blinds will advise you on the most suitable for your home environment.

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