What are the benefits of using a marketing agency like Red Chilli?
29th January 2016
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A truly great web site is hard to come by. Unless you know where to look. 

Red Chilli Design dedicate themselves to excellent graphic designs, and innovative ability. Red Chilli breathe life into web designs because a lack lustre web site is like having a lack lustre shop window, boring and lifeless.

A great web site, especially the first impression, is profoundly important, in a matter of seconds the viewer must get the message. To interest the viewer, the message must cause an immediate ‘buy’ response, if not the moment is lost. First impressions do count.

The team of web designers at Red Chilli have many years of combined experience in web site creation and graphic design, and have served many local businesses in that time.

What has Red Chilli done recently?

Recently Red Chilli has transformed the web site of Free Boiler Manuals, a web site based organisation, who rely on their web site to generate interest.

The owners of the web site called on three companies before contacting Red Chilli. The choice of Red Chilli was based upon their depth of knowledge, an in-house team dynamic that was underwritten by their vast experience, and a passion for creating great graphics.

Employing the maxim ‘Think, Create, Connect’ the team looked at the task in hand and employed their undoubted skills to craft a design that has turned this particular uninteresting web site into a very bright and interesting place to go. The previous web pages consisted of listings, was uninspiring and not functional.

However, the fresh new web pages crafted by the Red Chilli web site founder, who himself has received much acclaim for his work, buzz with energy. The team have thought long and hard about what the site should do, the message to be got across succinctly, and will it attract attention?

Further, they have designed a pleasing user experience using nice graphics, a mobile and user friendly site that will provide a quick and satisfying route to finding the correct manual for the job.

The satisfactory conclusion is that the experience of visitors and the highly important search engines has been much improved.

The new and improved web site is registering excellent progress, as a result there has been a dramatic increase in page views, just organic search is now over 1500 per day (up from a mere 500).

If businesses are to have a ‘shop window’ then it must be effective, it must show easily what is on sale, if it cannot do that then it will not succeed.

Red Chilli are masters of their art, they produce web sites/pages that make contact with the viewer, that attract attention and that breathe life into an otherwise inanimate object.

Red Chilli graphic designers are confident that they can transform a dull web site into vibrant business tool by creating a fresh, vigorous, and red hot web site that can help to lift a business into an entirely new league.


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