What are the benefits of roller skating?
15th May 2014
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If you’re looking for an alternative form of exercise, why not try roller blading? Nevada Roller Rink opened again last year, and is the perfect place to go to get your skates on. Not only is it a lot of fun, roller skating has tons of health benefits too.

Roller skating is one of the best forms of exercises you can do, it works all the body’s muscles and is really good for the heart.

Roller skating uses all the main muscle groups, including quads, arms, calves and abdomen. Roller skating, if done long enough, is the same amount of exercise as a cardio workout like jogging.

It’s also a social sport. Most exercises like running or cycling you do on your own, but with roller skating, you can get together with friends to skate. Skating independently isn’t enjoyable, so head on down to Nevada and get socializing and skating. Just go easy on the snacks afterwards or you won’t see any benefit of the exercise.

Once you get skating you’ll find the time passes really quickly. As you skate along, chatting with friends or family under the glittering lights of the rink, the time will fly by.

Skating is a low-impact sport. Research has shown there’s half the impact of your joints if you roller skating as opposed to something more intense like running.

Also, if a 10 stone person roller skates at approximately 10mph, they could lose up to 600 calories!

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