What are the benefits of a wireless alarm? by Colin Westwood of Westwood Electrical, Bolton
23rd July 2013
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If you’re purchasing a new alarm system chances are you’ll be deciding between a wireless alarm system and a wired one. There are many plus points of a wireless alarm, as Colin Westwood of Westwood Electrical explains

The most obvious and largest benefit of having a wireless alarm is there’s no wires! You won’t need to make any holes in walls and have wires all round your house.

Wireless alarms are sometimes cheaper than other monitored systems. A hard wired alarm is usually about £200 more expensive than a wireless alarm.

Wireless alarms are some of the most reliable alarms there are. To confirm it is truly reliable, check it is manufactured and installed to British standard.

Wireless alarms can be moved quickly. You can change the positioning of the alarm round the house and if you ever move property you can take the alarm with you.

It is simple to add additional detectors to a wireless alarm, because detectors in your house can then connect to the main house. For example, it is straightforward to add another magnetic contact to a garden shed, which can be programmed into the main house.

Wireless alarms can be installed without any fuss. Wireless alarms can be put up in garages, sheds, and every room of your house. All the alarms in your house can then communicate with one another using a radio frequency. 

It is always important to choose the right alarm for your needs though. Here at Westwood Electrical we can tell you what is suitable for your circumstances, to give you peace of mind. Telephone us on 01204 689937 and we will advise you. 

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