What are the benefits of a mammoth mattress?
11th June 2014
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We’ve told you already about the benefits a mammoth mattress from Premier Stores can bring. It has a multitude of features designed to help you sleep better. It provides excellent support for your posture and even encourages airflow around your body, so that muscles are cooled down as you sleep.

The Mammoth mattresses are also naturally hygienic, which is ideal for customers who have sensitive skin or eczema. The 10 year guarantee on the mattresses is good for your peace of mind too.

Because of all these fabulous features Mammoth is now the fastest growing mattress brand in the UK and people are snapping up these products at stores across the country, including of course from Premier Stores.

But now it seems that the National press are realising how brilliant they are too. Tons of publications are now releasing articles talking about these amazing mattresses. They’ve been featured in the Daily Mail, Men’s Fitness, Furniture News and many more.

Trade magazines are picking up on these outstanding mattresses too. After all, they are the only mattress that is clinically proven to improve your night’s sleep.

There are lots of websites, bloggers and advertorials writing about Mammoth mattresses too, like us at the best of Bolton.

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