What A Car! The Lexus NX200t
1st December 2015
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I had been given the opportunity to take the Lexus NX200t for a weekend jaunt, taking the family from Bolton to Dartmouth on the South Coast, a round trip of just under 600 miles, so I would have ample opportunity to evaluate the cars performance and suitability for the task.
I was excited that this was the 2 litre turbo version of the Lexus NX range, a car reputed to have power and style and so far, without even starting the engine, I could see it had style in abundance. The sleek lines and imposing grill give the car an indisputable air of authority and the driving experience was going to prove to be equally impressive.
Comments from my wife Gaynor and Anna 19 and Tom 14 proved to demonstrate a similar first impression to mine when I got the car home and when we began to load the car, it was clear there was ample room in both the boot and cabin area and with two tone black and red leather seats sculpted to the body, the journey was super comfortable.
Our outbound journey was around 270 miles of busy motorway followed by 20 miles of often narrow and hilly country roads and the weather had deteriorated as we progressed South but the drive was effortless with the smooth automatic transmission and convenience of the 'Adaptive Cruise Control'. 
Adaptive Cruise Control was something I'd not experienced before but to be able to set the cruise control to 70mph, or 50mph in the frequent roadworks and let the car adjust its speed appropriately as traffic flow dictated was a dream. Why don't all cars come with this technology?
The NX200t has a feel of size and ample power, making the ride feel very safe; sure footed on wet, narrow, winding roads and always ready to pick up its skirt and take off like the wind when asked. The driving position offers great all-round visibility and comfort and all my passengers commented how comfortable they were too, even Anna at 6ft tall noted how much leg room she had and Lilly the Pug slept quietly all the way!
Tom, a car savvy teenager was impressed by the 'Floppy Paddle' gear change facility when the transmission was switched to manual and when I tried it on the country roads the ease of gear change was surprising, although I have to admit, leaving it in 'auto' mostly, made the journey so effortless I didn't use manual too much.
While we're talking about toys and features, the Lexus NX200t has its fair share, from the touch sensitive control pad for the in-car systems, Bluetooth audio and telephone connectivity, automatic handbrake, automatic lights, electrically operated and heated front seats, reclining rear seats, the list goes on, making this a thoroughly exciting and enjoyable car to drive.
All in all, the family's verdict on the Lexus NX200t is a resounding thumbs up and as we're a typical family, to get a unanimous conclusion from all, must mean this car has what it takes to make an impression. As the driver, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will certainly miss many of the features mentioned when I return to my own car and look for them in my next!
Having experienced the fantastic performance and outstanding comfort of the Sports 200 turbo petrol version of the Lexus NX range, what I'd really love to do now is compare it to the hybrid diesel version, the NX300. Maybe next time.
Thanks to Lexus Bolton for the opportunity to drive this car and I know they'd be only to happy to tell you more about the range if you want to find out for yourself.
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