Weeks 9 & 10 driving lessons with Murrays School of Motoring
28th October 2014
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I passed my theory quite a few weeks ago now, so all my lessons now are preparing me for my practical test, here’s what I’ve been learning recently.

I’ve been through mostly everything with Shaun now, and I’m getting a lot more confident with each lesson I have but there’s still a lot that I do need to practice.

On my last few lessons we have been practising meeting traffic and planning & anticipation. We’d not done a lot of lessons around this before but I feel that I’m becoming a lot more confident with these now!

I mentioned to Shaun on my last lesson that I still felt a little uneasy on roundabouts. He told me that a lot of experienced drivers are! Which made me feel a little better. We went through some lesson plans and he explained them in more detail. I think now if I get some more practice with them I’ll overcome that fear!

We’ve planned to go through all manoeuvres on forthcoming lessons. On my lesson last week I did another parallel park and turn in the road, which I completed and feel very confident with.

I think there’s still some lessons need to be completed yet before I put in for my practical test, but we’re soon going to start doing some Saturday morning lessons which I think will help a lot!

I would definiely recommend Shaun to anyone looking for a driving instructor, no matter how I'm feeling he will always put my mind at ease and really helps with my confidence when driving

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