Week 8, My eighth driving lesson with Murrays School of Motoring
15th September 2014
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I really enjoy my driving lessons with Shaun Murray, he is a wonderful driving instructor and I feel that I’m progressing so much each lesson. Here’s what I learnt on my eighth driving lesson.

I had my theory test booked before I took this lesson, and was quite nervous for it so at the start of the lesson we went through some things that could come up on my theory and he helped me prepare for it.

We then did some driving around the local area and practiced manoeuvres. We practiced, bay parking, parallel parking, left reverses etc and I’m doing better each time, I think with just a little more practice I’ll be ready.

We went through some complex junctions on really busy roads, at first it was quite daunting but the second time around I wasn’t as nervous.

I still really need to practice roundabouts and do some practice on overtaking but I feel soon I’ll be ready for my practical.

I think on my next lesson with Shaun I will discuss some parts of the practical test to help get prepared, if you’re looking for a quality driving instructor I would definitely recommend Shaun. 

Oh, and I passed my theory!! 

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