Week 6, my sixth driving lesson with Murrays School of Motoring!
6th August 2014
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I had an early lesson this week, I was off work and up and early ready for Shaun to come and pick me up, I was quite nervous, but I’ll explain why in a minute but the lesson went really well, here’s what I learnt!

I was off work this week so I had planned to go in to town with my brother, but instead of us going home and then back into town after the lesson, I asked Shaun if my brother could come with us on the lesson. I was quite nervous at first, not about having my brother in the car but nervous at how my Nan was staring out of the window watching me pull off but I soon overcome my nerves once we started.

We did things a little differently this lesson and drove around the streets for a while, Shaun took me up to the roads where people usually do their practical test so I could get a feel for it and then he said that it was time for a parallel park. You probably know of the stories people tell about parallel parking so honestly, I was really nervous.

We watched another learner attempt a parallel park and they did it but was just out a little too wide, and then it was my turn. I drove up to where I was going to do the park, and drove ½ car length past, when it was my turn though, another car had just pulled up, making things a little harder. I prepared the car and observed, and then I did it! First time I did a parallel park, and was so chuffed with myself. We went on to do it again and I successfully managed my second try and now I feel much more confident!

After the parallel park we decided to practice some more bay parking so we drove towards B&Q to practice, I remembered what I had learnt from past lessons on bay parking and successfully managed a left and right reverse into the bay!

I was starting to feel a lot confident after doing a parallel park and a bay park so we thought that we’d recap the turn in the road, we picked a suitable road and I remembered what I did last time I did the turn and did it!

I’m becoming more confident with each lesson I have with Shaun, he makes me feel very relaxed throughout the whole two hours and helps me with any mistakes I do make. I would highly recommend Murray's School of Motoring if you’re looking for a quality driving instructor!

And even my brother said I was an alright driver so points there!! 

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