Week 17 of my driving lessons with Murrays School of Motoring
15th June 2015
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As you can probably tell from the blog, I didn’t my driving test this time, but here’s what I got up to on my lesson this week.

Unfortunately I didn’t pass my test this time, but onwards and upwards and it was time for my next lesson.

Shaun had got a new car, so I had to get used to all the new controls, and new reference points of the vehicle.

This car was very different to the other, I had to put the clutch down to start the engine and Shaun mentioned that when I come to stopping at traffic lights, if I put the handbrake on and put it in neutral the engine will turn off, so I was quite nervous for this.

To our surprise, the engine didn’t turn off when I stopped, but we carried on.

This lesson was more about getting used to the new reference points, so I tried all the manoeuvres in the new car.

The manoeuvres were great, and I feel very comfortable doing them in the new car. I have booked a new date for my test, so will be able to fit a few more driving lessons in beforehand.


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