Week 14 of my driving lessons with Murray’s School of Motoring
24th February 2015
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It had been a few weeks since my last lesson with Shaun, but here’s what I got up to on my driving lesson this week.

I had been driving my mums car quite a lot so when it came to driving Shaun’s car again I was a little nervous as I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it – but everything was fine.

We set off from my house at 8am and practiced meeting traffic on Chorley Old Road, we knew it’d be quite busy at that time so thought it would be great to practice there.

Everything went fine and we drove through the town centre and up and around some streets, I mentioned to Shaun that I would like to practice some manouvers that I felt nervous with.

We first practiced reversing around a corner and it all went fine, and then a parallel park. The parallel park I was a little close to the kerb but I edged it out a little and it all went okay.

The manouver I wanted to practice as I hadn’t done for a while was a reverse bay park. We drove towards a car park to practice and I did it!

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