Week 13 of my driving lessons with Murrays School of Motoring
26th January 2015
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This week was a great week, and was feeling really confident. Here’s what I got up to on my driving lesson this time.

This week I asked Shaun if we could practice manoeuvres, I really got the hang of parallel parking but I didn’t feel as confident with all the other manoeuvres such as reversing round a corner, bay parking etc so we practised quite a few of these.

One thing I hadn’t quite practised a lot was narrow country lanes so we headed up to one just off bury road near Harwood. I thought I did this road quite well, especially with the sharp turns too!

We carried on practising junctions and I felt that it was a really good lesson, Shaun said that if I carried on like that on the next lesson it would be fantastic.

Shaun is such a great driving instructor and it’s also really comfortable being in the car with him too. 

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