We Were There! IRONMAN UK 2011 A Fantastic Bolton Event
2nd August 2011
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The weather couldn't have been better as nearly 1300 men and women from all over the world set out at Pennington Flash, near Bolton, at 6am on Sunday morning to compete in the annual IRONMAN competition.

2.4 miles swimming, 2 laps in the cold water of Pennington Flash, to be completed in not more than 2 hours 20 minutes was followed by a gruelling 112 mile cycle ride and then a crippling 26.2 mile run along roads and trails before finishing in front of the crowds gathered  in Bolton's Victoria Square.

I spent the afternoon in awe, watching the competitors triumphantly cross the finish line between 1.30pm and 10.45pm. Amazingly some athletes completed the course in around seven and a half hours, while others took a little longer, up to seventeen hours, which incidentally was the official cut off time for completion to be recognised as an IRONMAN.

To me though anyone finishing the course, whatever the time, really deserved the title IRONMAN as I couldn't personally imagine the pain and suffering those competitors would have gone through and were sure to suffer in the subsequent days, having endured those 3 disciplines over the course of the day.

Legs buckled and faces contorted as the IRONMEN put in a big effort to make the finish line, along the final 50m red carpet, in style. Throughout the day from 1.30pm right up until the fireworks as the last man came home at 10.45pm, crowds enjoyed the spectacle and welcomed the competitors with loud cheers and admiration.

An army of volunteers, numbering almost as many as the athletes, from many local organisations as well as individuals, ensured the event went off without a hitch and a welcomed, body sustaining meal of Fish and Chips was provided by The Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant for each finishing competitor as soon as they crossed the line, the team from Olympus had been preparing all day and maintained a constant stream of hot meals.

The event was a huge success for all concerned, those taking part, those simply watching and for Bolton itself.  

Well done to all involved!


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