Want to be in your Dream Home for Christmas?
11th October 2016
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What could be nicer than having a new home for Christmas, and what a start to the New Year? More space, down-sizing, new furnishings, a new neighbourhood, and a great new start ready for 2017. Excellent.

Things that are a few matters that are worthy of consideration when planning a new home acquisition:

Think about the location, where do you want to live? Would you like to be close to schools, work, access routes? How far is it from the local shops and other amenities? Do you have friends or family close by?

What is your budget? Can you afford the asking price; will the sellers reduce the price if asked? Can you get a mortgage?

Regards the property, how large do you want the new home to be, an apartment, bijou, semi-detached, detached? Do you have a growing family with a penchant for heavy metal music, do you need to live in a remote place, ideally a field? Seriously, location and proximity to neighbours is important, buying a new home is possibly the biggest purchase that most people will ever make, so let’s get right. Remember, a new home is for life, not just for Christmas.

Check out the construction, is the chosen property built of stone, brick – double or single skin, or some other material? Is it solid and well maintained, if in any doubt ask an expert? A surveyor appointed by Amity Law will spot any doubtful conditions.

Think about kitchens and bathrooms, they really do make or break a house sale, are they modern and easy to use? Are new modern appliances included in the price? Is there more than one loo?

Don’t be fooled by decorating, once installed in the new home fresh wall paper and paint will soon transform the rooms. 

Check on major issues such as electrical wiring, is it adequate? We run a huge amount of technical equipment in our homes, in older properties the wiring may not be up to washing machines, dish washers, walk-in-fridge-freezers, not to mention home entertainments systems and computers, home offices etc. This is a safety issue; an inadequate or ancient wiring system can be dangerous if overloaded.

Energy costs, both fiscal and carbon neutral. Are there any solar panels installed? Is the heating boiler modern and ‘smart’? Is there proper insulation, glazing to reduce consumption, whilst allowing for keeping one’s family comfortable?

Amity Law is a legal firm in Bolton fully regulated, licensed, experienced and very professional. The friendly team are the leading property specialists in Bolton and district, they approach every client in a down to earth, straight talking manner. Make buying a new home for Christmas the delight that you want it to be with sound, sensible, professional guidance your priority.

To find out more information about Amity Law, give them a call on 01204 546570 

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