Visit Fidgets Play Centre during the school holidays!
26th July 2016
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Hot and sticky weather can be draining on both children and parents during the long summer school holidays, but it does not need to be a trial of endurance.

Fidgets Soft Play Centre is on hand to soothe the furrowed brows of Mums and their children alike.

Fidgets Soft Play Centre is situated in Dunscar Business Park, easily accessible being just out of town and having plenty of space to park, handy for working Mums too. Fidgets Soft Play Centre is an indoor play centre.

There is a range of safe indoor play facilities and soft play.

Hot weather does not suit everyone, and the mid-day sun is potentially dangerous to people with fair and delicate skin especially young children, plus children can become overheated just by being outdoors in hot weather. The nice cool indoors play facility at Fidgets Soft Play Centre is refreshing and safely challenging for little ones, there are no dangerous UV rays in here. Having a variety is good and helps to create a balance of activity for growing children.

Similarly, should the weather turn against us with rain stopping play, getting the kids out of the house is good for them, and for parents whose nerves may become frayed. Fidgets Soft Play Centre is quite accommodating to parents in having a kitchen that supplies hot food, sandwiches and drinks including a smoothie range, just what is needed to cool off with. There is the opportunity to meet up with other parents for a cuppa and a bite to eat whilst the children get to play together.

Fidgets Soft Play Centre is open seven days a week, from nine am to six pm, so there is plenty of opportunity to go there, and there will not be any clearing up to do afterwards.


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