True Dentistry's patients now have direct access to their therapist or hygienist
22nd July 2013
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True Dentistry always keep up to date with the latest ideas and thoughts in the dentistry world. The latest changes to dental surgeries is dental hygienists and therapists are now allowed to see patients for some treatments without the patient having to see a dentist first and then be referred for treatment to the hygienist/therapist.

In practice this means that someone who doesn't particularly want a check-up with a dentist but just wants a professional clean can now do so: ring the practice and book straight in with the hygienist and get their mouth nice and fresh, teeth sparkling, for that special date/weekend etc. They don't have to be previously registered with True Dentistry to use the service.

The majority of dentists (as with all things new!) see this as a threat, but True Dentistry think it’s a fabulous idea and want to promote it for all their customers.

Of course, True Dentistry offer a multitude of treatments, not just with a hygienist or therapist. Their specialist staff do facial aesthetics, orthodontics and dental implants. True Dentistry has over 30 years combined experience working with their patients, especially nervous patients who may not have visited the dentist in a long time. They will create a treatment plan tailored to each client they see.


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