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9th May 2012
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True Dentistry 

Dr Lubna Alam

Episode 1 

4th May 2012

My True Experience at True Dentistry



I looked at my wife one day and asked myself what can I do to really show that I care for her.

In my 20 years of marriage she has never asked for anything, never complained about anything, whatever we had she appreciated and accepted.

So I thought of putting a big smile on her face, but I realised that when she smiled, she had crooked teeth, one teeth missing, she has never complained about the cosmetic side of her teeth, as we were told that due to her pregnancies over the years her gums have weakened, teeth have moved and theirs not much we can do. We just accepted that and lived with this for years.

She tries her best to keep her oral hygiene as good as she can according to her knowledge of oral hygiene.

Anyway, so I started doing some research on the net, started with searching information on fixing crooked teeth, after reading various articles and looking at different methods of fixing the crooked teeth, I came across the INVISALIGN Treatment.

I showed the videos to my wife and suggested that we should go and see a dentist, she said as always, it's up to you, so I typed my postcode on the website to find out which dentist is the nearest for us to visit.

To my surprise there was a dentist in Bolton and most importantly she was a female, my wife feels comfortable with a female dentist.

So I sent an email on the 22nd of April 2012 requesting an appointment for my wife with regards to Invisalign. On the 25th of April I received a reply back    And within days I was given an appointment to suit my time.

One thing I would like to mentioned hear which is very important. I read the reviews of the past patients who have had treatment and wrote very positive comments about the practice, in terms of being  professional, flexible, accommodating, etc. etc. I can truly say that the communication over the phone, email and in person was excellent, the hospitality was something very personal, honestly they made you feel very warm, relaxed, at home.

They went out of their way to open the practice out of hours to accommodate us, they opened the dentist at a time to suit us.

My wife's appointment was booked at 5pm on Friday 4th May 2012

We arrived at the dentist, we were greeted by Sam, taken to the waiting room and were offered hot drinks, asked to relaxed in the wonderful comfortable waiting room and fill a few forms in. 

Then the details were entered on to the computer system and then we were visited by Dr Lubna, she introduced herself, welcomed us, asked how we came across her etc, after a brief  chat regarding the questionnaire my wife and I were taken to the main dentist room for the check up.

All the time the communication was very clear, Dr Lubna won our hearts with her honesty, the service she was giving, the trust she was building, we did not feel she was after our money, even though it is a private dentist.

We did not know what we were going to be expecting, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, we just did not know, Dr Lubna was giving us such attention that my wife was getting 7 star service, (that's not a word of lie) and she has not paid me to write this too.

The time just flew and before I knew it an hour had gone by and so much information we had shared in detail were recorded during the check up, for a first time consultation so much was done it was unbelievable, if  I was to write in detail what happened in the two hours I would need pages and pages to write, so I am just going to summarise as I intend to write my whole experience of the future visits to come.

Dr Lubna is a very experienced Orthodontist, with just under 30 years of experience, she knows her stuff, and she knows how to explain in simple English, no gobble de goop. She's straight to the point, no beating round the bush, no hard selling technique, no emotional selling, we felt she was truly honest and brave enough to sacrifice her time for the interest of the patient.

We did not feel she was after our money at anytime, even though the opportunity was there, due to the condition of my wife's teeth.

Dr Lubna did not expect to spend more than 15 minutes with us but she spent 2 hours without a frown on her face, or the staffs face. 

Dr Lubna showed she cared so much, she was expressing her true feeling, if only she had met my wife 20 years ago, 15 years ago, 10 years ago, she could have helped her and her teeth may not be in this bad condition.

Dr Lubna discussed in detail the A-Z scenario of what the future looks like for my wife's teeth.

Dr Lubna gave us all the options available.

Dr Lubna also discussed the importance of the financial element, she did put the important aspect of the healthy side over the cosmetic side and the long term issues.

Dr Lubna treated my wife like a member of her own family, she felt very relaxed, comfortable and in safe hands,my wife felt she was being looked after by her big sister, we did not feel their was any hidden agenda of making money out of us.

Dr Lubna won our hearts 100%

First impression is last impression

After all that and so much more that I have missed out, we were not forced or obliged to make a decision for any future treatment.

We were told to think about it.

I just wanted Dr Lubna to start my wife's treatment straight away.

I booked my wife's first appointment and wanted to book further two appointments too, but then again Dr Lubna did not push me but said will work around my times to accommodate future appointment etc etc.

This was a truly out of the  world experience, never expected this level of care in this day an age when all you hear is  people complaining, moaning and groaning about all type of health services.

I would  recommend to anyone, seeing is believing. Go and visit Dr lubna's practice and experience for yourself, you won't regret a single moment.

I can say it was like visiting a restaurant for a 7 course meal, at each course you have a different experience and taste, and the best part is waking up the next morning without a heartburn or an upset stomach and still enjoying the taste of the wonderful meal you had last night and then spend another hour writing and reflecting on your true experience and just can't forget everything that had happened, was it a dream or was it real.

To be continued

Episode 2

28th May 4:45pm first Appointment with Tracy the Hygienist.

Need we say more..this is what a thebestof bolton business is all about and if you need advice, treatment or just a friendly ear, the team at True Dentistry 
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