Transform Your Home & Your Bills With Blinds & Shutters From Budget Blinds, Bolton
21st February 2013
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It's always nice when you have a room that has just been redecorated. But what if that redecoration could also save you money on your household bills? It's the kind of win-win situation you'll find at Budget Blinds.

Here's a quick fact: Did you know that by installing blinds or shutters you can reduce the heat loss through your windows by 40%.

That's not so interesting, really, is it? But that reduction in heat loss means for every £1000 you spend on heating, you could save £70. Now it's sounding better, right?

And when the blinds and shutters look great, as they do wghen bought from the incredible Budget Blinds collection, it could transform any room in your house as well as transforming your monthly and yearly outgoings.

To find out more, why not speak to the professionals at Budget Blinds who can explain the heat loss process further, suggest solutions, and provide you with beautiful new blinds and stunning shutters.

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