Top Tips when choosing a photocopier!
20th March 2015
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Firstly, establish what kind of photocopier you actually need. Do you need a lot of features that you may not use and get full benefit of – or even not understand and be intimidated by, or will a more user friendly model do the job?

For example, some copiers will produce black and white images only, others will produce full colour. If all that you are copying are items where black and white will do then budget accordingly.

However, if you do need full colour then it will cost you more but no doubt pay for itself in time.

Do you need a single sheet, or multiple document feed, or do you need to be able to set the machine to run and leave it knowing that your documents will be printed and collated exactly as you need them to be?  

Do you need a multi-function machine i.e. fax and copier combined or a simple model that does one job only? Also, of course price comes into it, having set a budget do not overstep your price level, if your copier is a money making part of the business, that needs to be included in the equation.

Do you need a special paper size? Larger is the problem, most machines will take A4 or less, but A3 etc. is a problem unless you buy right in the first place. If you do then a ‘special’ model may be required with a wider carriage etc. to allow for the extra width.

Speed is part of the solution too, as with many things in life if you want extras you need a model that will cope. There is nothing worse than standing, wasting time over a copier that clearly isn’t good enough, whilst waiting for it to churn out the awaited copy. More to the point, if you need speedy work then a basic model is not going to be able to cope. Buy right first time and save yourself a lot of frustration and possibly money. Cheap is often a poor deal in business.

Get a copier that cannot be abused by staff. A code operated machine will do the job, so that you can be sure of approved use only, that way you can control costs and avoid abuse of your business assets for private use, otherwise you will end up providing free copying facilities for the Social Club.

Finally, which is the best use of your money, buying outright, a business asset that can be entered on the balance sheet, or is it better to lease/rent a machine and hang on to your money?

Often the benefits of leasing are that apart from consumables, ink and paper etc. repairs and maintenance are factored into the hire charge.

Further, maybe you can exchange your machine for an upgrade as your business grows, whereas when you buy you may find the cost of change prohibitive.

If you need any help or advice when buying a photocopier, you should always speak to Copy Print Services. Give them a call on 01204 689672.

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