Top Tips When Buying A Used Car
1st April 2015
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Buying a used car is a major purchase, which is why you need to make sure the car is perfect for you. Fish Motors can help you find the perfect car.

Firstly, what do you want your new car to be? Do you want a run-around, or a business asset? Do you want a five door car or a people carrier? We recommend that you do your homework and talk to Fish Motors, they will allow you to look around without being harrassed.

Ask about the styles of car, discuss what you want the car for, and get a feeling for what is right for you. Please, don’t rush in and buy the shiny yellow one because you like the colour.

Now you have found a car that you like, a price that you like, and you know that it is sound, the final question is can you afford it? Do you need finance and if so can you afford that? Again research the finance available – ask for advice before you sign.

Just a friendly warning to younger drivers (or would be drivers) check out how much you need to find to insure the car because it is not unknown for the insurance on a used car for a young driver to be more expensive than the car itself.

Fish Motors are a wonderful car dealers in Bolton, talk to them, ask for advice, they are there to help and offer such a great service.

Give Fish Motors a call on 01204 684053 for more information. 

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