Top tips to take care of your skin for sun awareness week 2014
1st May 2014
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With the cold, damp weather, we’re having at the moment, you probably won’t be thinking about sun protection. But hopefully we will get some gloriously sunny weather at some point in the summer. All year round, but especially in the summer, you need to make sure your skin is protected from the sun. Sykes Chemist have some useful tips for you.

It’s sun awareness week between 5th and 11th May 2014, which has been organised to raise awareness of skin cancer and exposure to the sun. As part of the week, you’ll discover more about spotting for changes to your skin, using the right SPF of skin lotion, how to deal with sunburn and a whole lot more. Read about the causes of skin cancer and how you can minimise the risk to yourself. Click onto the sun awareness week website for more.

There are two types of sun’s rays, UVA and UVB. UVA rays reach the outer layer of the skin and the dermis, which causes the skin to lose elasticity, make it develop wrinkles and age spots. UVA causes sun allergies too.

UVB rays mainly affect the outer layer of skin. It burns skin tissue, which is why your skin is red and sore if you get sunburnt. Everyone has some natural level of sun protection, but this is no substitute for using sun cream regularly.

You need to use sun cream that you will protect you for the whole time you are in the sun. Sykes Chemist have an excellent choice of sun creams and other products that will protect you whilst you’re out in the sun, so call them on 01204 684731 or visit one of their branches.

To work out how often you need to reapply your sun cream, simply work out how long it takes your skin to burn and times it by the SPF number on the sun cream. For example, if it takes you 10 minutes to burn, wearing SPF 20 will protect you for 200 minutes. 

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