Top tips on what to do on the first day of a new job
20th March 2014
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The first day of a new job can be nerve-wracking. But follow these simple tips from Good People and you’ll fit in straight away.


1)    Ask lots of questions. Show you’re enthusiastic about the job and are keen to learn straight away. Just remember not to bombard your manger with too many questions; there’s plenty of time for queries as your first week progresses.

2)    Be prepared to answer questions about yourself from colleagues. Come up with stock answers for who you are, your previous roles and what you’ll be doing in this new job.

3)    Get there early. A quarter of an hour before is recommended. Practice your route to work at least once beforehand too so you’re prepared for the new journey.

4)    Work out who’s boss. Figure out the cliques and who will be best to network with in the future to further your career. You should understand who holds the most senior positions early and the hierarchy of the company.

5)    First impressions count. Smile, relax and shake hands and introduce yourself to everyone you meet. Find out a bit about them too, they’ll appreciate it later. Make a point of saying hello to everyone yourself and don’t wait to be introduced. It’ll show how happy you are to be there and you’ll get a warmer response from colleagues as a result.

6)    Dress appropriately. Find out the dress code before your first day so you send out the right message. If you’re really not sure, better to dress too smart then too casually and then alter accordingly for the second day if you look out of place on the first.

7)    Listen closely. Don’t show your strong opinions right away. Listen to others and find out the future plans and goals for the company before launching in with your own thoughts. Take notes if necessary so you’re clear of future projects and pay attention to how decisions are made, so you fit in with the culture of the business.

8)    Socialise. If you’re invited for lunch or after work drinks, take the opportunity. It’s your chance to build trust and relationships and show you are ready to mix with your new colleagues. 

9)    Learn the rules. Don’t get off on the wrong foot by having your mobile phone on loud or using the boss’s coffee cup. Know what is expected of you and your responsibilities from the off.

10) Be yourself. Finally, be yourself and don’t try too hard. You might be keen to impress, but most employers know it takes time to master a job and once you do, your ability is sure to shine through. Work hard, but aim to be consistent in your work ethic at all times, don’t put all your energy into succeeding on the first day and make no effort thereafter. Accomplish as much as possible, but remember there’s always another day.


Good People Recruitment can help you secure that dream job, through mock interviews, CV advice and more. They can help you analyse your existing skills to find out which jobs will suit you, produce a CV and covering letter for you to use in future applications and conduct practice interviews with you, so you'll be needed these tips for the first day of your new career in no time. 



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