Top tips to stay safe in the kitchen, by Westwood Electrical, Bolton
18th October 2013
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Westwood Electrical are one of the best electricians in Bolton and during Electrical Fire Safety Week they were letting people know about how to keep safe in the home, and especially the kitchen.

 This year it was between September 23rd and September 29th. The Electrical Safety Council, the Fire and Rescue Service and the Fire Kills campaign worked together to highlight how to keep safe in the home.

Over 50% of fires in the home started accidently are in the kitchen. So called grime fires are caused by a build-up of dirt on cooking appliances or flammable materials being stored near vents. 4 million people have suffered a grime fire in the past.

In this day and age people don’t have as much time to do their cleaning as they used to, so stopping things getting dirty are just one of the things you can do to prevent a Grime Fire, along with


  • Cleaning your grill and oven as often as possible to prevent the build-up of extra fat

  • Don’t overload plug sockets with appliances because this can cause overheating.

  • Don’t store anything on top of any appliances as this can block ventilation

  • Endeavour to defrost your fridge and freezer a minimum of once every 12 months so they’ll continue to work correctly

  • Always have a smoke alarm switched on and working properly, and check it on a weekly basis, so you know that you’ll hear it should the worst happens and a fire does start.


Westwood Electrical are qualified and highly trained electricians can check all work carried out on your electrical appliances in your home or business comply with all requirements. Give them a call on 01204 689937.



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