Top tips to sell your home in 2017
13th March 2017
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House buying and selling is such a major event in our lives and because this is the largest purchase most of us are likely to make it is wise to put in some effort in advance. We offer some ideas that may help.

Plan, how much do you want to sell for, realistically, and will that allow you to buy the next property. Much as one may love ones ‘des res’ it may not be everyone’s idea of perfection. Some serious prior planning is called for.

Seek Professional advice, there’s nothing wrong in obtaining more than one valuation. Do some homework, check around your locality to establish what your neighbours are selling similar homes for.

Talk to Alexandra West and Amity Law to ascertain their objective professional opinions and confirm or deny the real value of your home e.g. ‘What you can realistically expect to sell for’.

Can you afford the next move by selling, don’t do it unless you are certain or have no choice? A new mortgage may cost more, are you able to afford the payments? The professionals will advise you.

In practical terms, there are things that people can do to improve their chances of selling and gaining maximum benefit by doing so.

Bathrooms, and kitchens sell properties, or not! Make sure that the bathroom and kitchen are extra clean and that all unnecessary items have been removed. Remove to a cupboard anything that can be hidden away, aim for all rooms to look sparsely furnished with clear floors and shelves to make them look larger, if the overall impression is one of space the prospective buyer can join the dots for themselves about what they are buying.

De-clutter the kitchen too, put away the kettle, the toaster, the coffee maker and the fancy jars of pasta and seasonings.

Tidy up, make space, clean the floors and windows, wash and iron curtains etc., so that your home is clean, fresh, and tidy for the estate agency photographers and the viewers. Take some photographs and look at them analytically to see what can be changed to make the rooms look more like a show-house.

Make sure that the ‘road side’ view of your property is attractive, with fresh or recent paintwork, and clean windows. Tidy up the front garden and plant a few seasonal plants to add appeal.

Viewers, when people view the property, turn on the lights, make sure the property is warm and inviting – pet free if possible as some people are phobic or have allergies. Place a vase of fresh flowers in the living room to add fragrance.

Amity Law and Alexandra West are both experts in their field, they are trusted, and local! 

To find out more information about Amity Law give them a call on 01204 684012 or to find out more information about Alexandra West give them a call on 01204 597220

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