Top tips to keep your house and valuables secure this Christmas
13th November 2013
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Christmas is the time for gift giving and many of these gifts can be very valuable. We're often tempted on the lead up to Christmas and after to have these wrapped presents or gifts on display, but unfortunately this is the perfect incentive for opportunist crime. These top tips will help you prevent that.

  • Hide Gifts

This is very important, although It is nice to see your presents under the tree, if your tree is close to a window your gifts can easily be targeted from thieves, make sure to keep them out of sight.

  • Security Mark Expensive Gifts 

Make sure you mark any of your expensive gifts, write your postcode on the gift with a UV pen so then it's easy for police to return them to you if they are stolen, it will also make it harder for the burglars to sell these then!

  • Keep an inventory 

Although not one of the most important, this will definitely help. Keep an inventory of all your expensive and valuable gifts so then if one goes missing, you know which, just make sure to keep this list locked away.

  • Be careful with gift packaging 

While it is the most common that we just throw the packaging into the bin, this is certainly not a good idea as it will be very easy for burglars to see the new items you have. Store packaging out of site until you can take them to a recycling site.

  • Alarms and lighting

Always make sure you have an alarm wired up in your house, always check that wiring is fully concealed. Westwood Electrical fit security alarms for your home as well as security lighting which will be great in winter. Also maybe leaving a light on if you go to sleep or go out will help.

  • Doors and Windows

Always make sure your doors and windows are locked if you are going out or going to sleep, this is an easy mistake someone can make but will leave them devastated. Always make sure no window lock keys are in locks, no spare keys are left in garages/sheds and make sure you draw your curtains at night.

  • Be careful with festive lighting 

As in the last tip, make sure you keep your windows locked, a lot of the time people have their Christmas lights wires coming through the windows and leaving them open a little, and this is an easy target for a burglar. Maybe consider using solar powered lighting,wire free or contact a qualified electrican like westwood electrical for any of your Christmas Lights requirements.


To get in touch with Westwood Electrical you can have a look at their feature here or give them a call on 01204 689937

We hope that with these tips and tricks you can keep your house safe and secure this Christmas and winter and most importantly, beat the burglars.

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