Top tips to keep your dog safe in hot weather
15th May 2014
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We’re having a burst of hot weather recently, while it’s great for us it can seriously harm your pooch. Here are some great tips to keep your dog safe in warm weather.

  • Don’t leave dogs in cars

This is really important, even if you’re just popping into the shop because dogs can die in hot cars. Hot stuffy cars cannot cool down and even leaving the window open for your dog won’t keep the car cool. Don’t risk your dog getting heatstroke.

  • Keep your dog in a cool environment
  • Always provide a good supply of drinking water
  • Give your dog a haircut to get rid of excess hair
  • Don’t allow your dogs to exercise excessively in hot weather
  • Get pet safe sunscreen (dogs can get sunburned too!)

here are some of the signs your dog may be suffering from heatstroke, why not have a look just to make sure.

If you think your dog is suffering from heatstroke or you would just like some more information about keeping your pets healthy, give Regans Veterinary Group  a call

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