Top tips to keep your data secure over the festive period!
17th December 2014
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We asked Full Circle IT Solutions a few questions on keeping your IT equipment safe in the office this winter, here are their tips!

First of all James said…

  • Back up all your data! If anything were to happen to your office/ workplace whilst closed you could potentially lose all of your data. Make sure you have a backup system in place.
  • There are many different ways you could back up your system, such as putting data on an external hard drive and taking it home with you, putting the data on a PEN drive or DVD.
  • The most secure backup is a backup to the Cloud, so you will have your data no matter what happens as if your data is stored on a CD, you’re at the risk of damaging it and all the data will be gone.


Here’s Mark’s tips…

  • The Christmas break is a long one, almost 2 weeks for a lot of people and a lot can happen in that period of time.
  • We recommend an automated cloud backup – that way you don’t need to do the backup and remember to take the disk home.
  • Backing up to an external disk, pen drive or DVD is good but these can easily get lost or damaged.
  • Cloud backup helps prevent physical damage to machines i.e floods, leaks, power surges so not just theft, anything which can cause data loss.
  • Recovery times are fast using our cloud backup solution, if anything goes wrong, we can recover data in only a few minutes, often more quickly that you can trek across town to find the member of staff who has taken the backup home.

We hope you find these tips really useful but we encourage you to make sure all your data is backed up during the festive period. If you would like any help or advice, speak to Full Circle IT on 01204 684051 or for more information about them, please click here

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