Top tips to keep your computer secure over Christmas
17th December 2013
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A lot of us leave our computers switched off in the office over Christmas, if you are then Mark from Full Circle IT has some advice and tips to make sure your PC is backed up and secure over Christmas.

  1. Backup data - we need to consider how important / valuable all the data on our hard disk is. It is vital that all data is backed up (external hard drive or DVD) and taken home (or at least off site), or even better, that it is backed up to the cloud. It isn't too late to think about setting up a 'Cloud Backup solution' - their cloud backup solution normally starts from £60 per computer per year, however as a special offer until the end of 2013, they will slash the price of this to £45 per computer per year. 
  2. Power down - if you don't need access to system, over the festive period, consider powering everything down - computers, printers, modems, routers - this reduces the possibility of any power surges and also by disconnecting from the internet (powering down the router), you remove the risk of malicious activity or access by third parties (hackers!) 
  3. Hide equipment - Remove the temptation of thieves - lock away highly portable devices, draw the curtains or blinds. Or even better make sure laptops, etc are taken away with you. 
  4. When coming back, turn on all the peripheral equipment first (modems, routers, printers, networking equipment), leave all those things for a couple of minutes and then start up the server (if you have one), and then all the other PC's 
  5. Before starting to do any work, make sure that all systems are up to date ... Windows Updates, Anti-virus programs. These small checks could make the difference between getting off to a flying start or not!
  6. And finally ... if you encounter problems, don't struggle ... call them! 

You can find out more information about Full Circle IT here or give them a call on 01204 684051

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