Top tips to get your garden ready for summer!
15th April 2014
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Spring is here, it's the time where a lot of us like to spruce up our homes, and our gardens too. The BBQ weather will soon be here so why not show off your perfect garden, here are some great tips from Mojo Trust to get your garden ready for summer.

Mojo Trust are a charitable organisation, they were formally known as Bolton Wise, they have developed a wonderful gardening arm where they provide great range of gardening services, from landscaping and fencing, to even building services.

To get your garden ready for the sunny days, Mojo Trust have 5 top tips for you, and they are:

  • Feed your lawn - This will definitely benefit your garden as without feeding it and giving it nutrients it will soon use up plant food reserves and turn pale and thin. There's nothing better than a lovely green lawn. 
  • Lawn update - Is your grass looking a bit long? Why not update it, cutting your grass will leave your lawn looking beautiful and who else loves the smell of a freshly mowed lawn? 
  • Plant Vegetables - This is a great one, growing your own benefits will not only leave your garden looking beautiful but will also encourage you and your family to eat healthier! 
  • Add some colour - Who doesn't love flowers? Flowers are a great way to brighten up your garden, they come in all different types and colours and they're beautiful. 
  • Plant trees, shrubs and annuals - A garden with trees looks great, plus they provide more privacy and protection for your home. Have a look around for trees and shrubs that will look great in your garden. 
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