Top tips for a stress free Christmas
18th November 2013
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There's an expectation at Christmas that everybody will be full of joys of the festive season but we all know that sometimes it can be stressful. Whether it’s the preparation or the events on the actual day, these top tips will help you reduce stress and keep Christmas the enjoyable event it should be.

  •  1. Make the to-do list 

There's nothing worse than forgetting the most important things that need doing, or thinking 'have I done this?' It can be very stressful, so make sure you make a to-do list, not forgetting to tick everything off as you go along. This will make preparing your Christmas so much easier.

  • 2. Wrap as you go 

I know a lot of us like to do all the presents in one go, but that can be very time consuming. So, wrapping as you go will save you a lot of time and will give you time to do more important things nearer to Christmas day

  • 3. Take time to relax 

Christmas day can be a big rush, getting the presents open, the food prepared etc but it doesn't have to be. Keep calm and relax is the motto and it's definitely worth it at Christmas, after all it's the time to be happy!

  • 4. Find time to exercise 

Although you can be really busy, it's important that you exercise, especially as it's likely you're going to be eating more. Exercise is very good at helping you relax and unwind, why not just go for a little walk, clear your head and you'll be ready for Christmas Day.

  • 5. Stay Home 

There's no need to go out at Christmas, chances are the weather is going to be bad. There's nothing better than just staying at home, keeping warm curled in front of the fire watching your favourite films.

  • 6. Don't drink too much 

Although Christmas is the time for having fun, there is a temptation to just drink that little bit too much, at best this can leave you suffering the next day but at worst can leave you end up in alcohol induced family argument. So, enjoy a drink, know what your limits are and don't let it spoil your Christmas. Remember it goes without saying, don't drink and drive! 

  • 7. Keep happy and have fun!

Christmas is the time for keeping happy and having lots of fun, have a laugh and spend it with your loved ones and make the most of every moment.

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