Top tips on writing a press release from Angela Kelly!
15th April 2015
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Are you wanting to put together a press release for your business? Here are some top tips from Angela Kelly – Freelance Journalist and Media Consultant  to help you.

  • ASSEMBLE the information you want to give – don’t just ramble, have an information plan
  • GIVE your press release a title which crystallises the content and makes the subject easy to understand at a glance
  • MAKE your opening sentence – your introduction – interesting and attention- grabbing. You need people to want to read beyond it
  • WRITE your information in short, well-constructed sentences, put into short paragraphs that are easy to read. Go for a maximum of five paragraphs
  • DON’T use initials without explaining what they are unless they’re household names, and give people’s full names (spelt out in capital letters) and title (Mr, Mrs, Detective Superintendent etc)
  • ENSURE you answer the basic questions: Who? What? Why? When? Where? How?
  • USE real information – waffle is no substitute for facts
  • DON’T make your press release too long. If a journalist wants to know more, he or she will get in touch.
  • DO make sure you include the full name of a contact (and title), the name of the organisation you represent with a short explanation of what it is, and full day and evening contact tel nos as well as an email address and, if possible, a website for further information
  • LET someone else you trust check over your press release before sending it to ensure that it covers the ABC of good communication – Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity
  • GIVE your chosen media enough time to react, especially if an event is timed. Don’t leave it until the last minute to be included for publication, airing or going on a website so allow at least a week to a fortnight beforehand
  • AFTER you have sent in your press release or made a photographic request, leave it for a few days and then re-contact the individual, preferably by phone, to check they received it and if they want any more information

If you’d like any more help or guidance, give Angela Kelly a call on 01204 689912.

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