Top tips on playing with toddlers
14th April 2015
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Toddlers, quite obviously, come in different shapes and sizes (and levels of ability) but here are some handy tips to help you when it comes to play time.

It is interesting to note that, in general, toddlers in a group of other children will play on their own, they may allow other children to do the same nearby, but they tend to play their own game ignoring those around them, unless they get too close or ‘take’ the subject of their attention for themselves, then the problems will start.

In play toddlers learn to manipulate their hands, to grasp and to push, pull, roll etc., develop hand eye co-ordination, sense of touch, of smell etc. Children may allow an adult to enter their game by passing an item to and fro.

Non-parent adults can, therefore, coax children to join in with them, if a child is withdrawn or has difficulty with others because of not socialising well this can be a useful way to draw them out.

Children who grow up with siblings already know a lot about interaction, socialisation and sharing, whereas lone children do not have this dynamic in their lives. Similarly children who live close to others within their communities may also be more aware.

Children whose parents communicate with them freely tend to benefit more than those who do not. Many single parent families cope well with toddlers, some not so.

Although it can be extremely trying for a Mum or Dad being in the sole company of a toddler throughout the waking hours, stimulation in a nursery setting is a fine way of enabling a child to socialise, to interact, share and play, whilst allowing Mum or Dad to have a breather.

A well run nursery will provide a range of appropriate toys in quantity, and staff to guide and take care of these small individuals. By directing some play staff may create an environment that is carefully designed to enable small children to lose their inhibitions and join together in play progressively depending on the age range and ability.

Important within this is planned safety for each children who by their nature are exceptionally vulnerable. Where possible a nursery that can be outdoors, when the weather permits, is good in enabling the toddlers to play in the fresh air.

Many nurseries will provide ‘nap’ time too, because toddlers brains are growing so fast and their abilities are developing rapidly they quickly become tired and need sleep.

As preparation for eventual school-age, nursery is of huge importance in helping little ones prepare, simply by going out from home to a separate environment and learning how to be amongst other children and adults, and play is a profoundly important part of that.

If you're looking for a reputable nursery in Bolton, who believe that playing with children is a great way to help them develop, speak to Beechwood Nursery School on 01204 684038, they have been providing childcare for over 25 years! 

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