Top tips on how to clean your carpet, from Revive Carpets, Bolton
1st May 2014
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Many of us have carpets but aren't sure how to keep them clean, but Les of Revive Carpets are here to give us some top tips. 

Carpets are our life filters. They, trap dust, dirt and bacteria that would otherwise be floating around in our homes. Breathing this stuff in is thought to contribute to a range of health issues, especially respiratory problems and quite a few allergies. 

So, carpets, absorbing all these pollutants, is a good thing, however, like all filters, they need to be cleaned periodically to maintain their effectiveness, ideally before they become "full", after which they become ineffective. 

Whilst regular vacuuming of carpets is essential, conventional vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to remove all of the soil and grime that builds up, and over time, dirt becomes deeply engrained within the pile of the carpet and only professional deep cleaning using specialised processes will extract this soiling. 

Rather than wait until carpets become completely clogged with dirt, they should be serviced on a regular basis. This will keep carpets looking new for far longer and keep the home a healthier place in which to live. 

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