Top tips on choosing the perfect carpet!
12th October 2016
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Nice carpeting satisfies a number of concerns, warmth underfoot, a soft surface for children to play on, and a welcoming vista for the eyes. Deciding on the perfect carpet includes a large element of personal taste, however we have a few ideas that may help.

Which room is the carpet for? It makes a great deal of difference, the living room has more footfall than a bedroom, stair carpets also are walked on a great deal, as are kitchen floors, whilst a home office may require something much more serviceable and less luxurious.

Colour and pattern are both important, warm colours are welcoming and patterns need to blend in with the surroundings and other furnishings. Very intense patterns may take some living with depending on taste, whilst very pale un-patterned coloured carpets will show spills, dirt, and sunlight fading more easily.

How long will certain types of carpet last, what is your budget? The two are connected, buying good quality carpeting is an investment. Carpet that is fit for purpose is highly cost effective and will save money in the long run.

Measuring up. Taking measurements with furniture in the room is not easy, without a tape measure long enough to span a room it is even harder. Professional carpet suppliers and fitters will know almost at a glance how big the carpet will need to be, but being professionals they will take accurate measurements and offer a quotation based upon exactly what is required.

Samples, carpet squares, will be offered to enable customers to test the feel of the different types of carpet, tufted or woven, wool, nylon (and other manmade fibres), or a combination of both to provide the best of both worlds, durability and comfort.

Underlay, this is vital for comfort, warmth and wear. Cutting this corner will not save any money in the long run. Good quality underlay is designed to give the surface carpeting support and spring.

Professional carpet fitting will make the job perfect, there is little point in buying good quality carpeting only to do a botch job of fitting it. Having the new carpet laid professionally will mean that there are no wonky edges or gaps, or ridges etc., a perfectly fitted carpet is a pleasure to see and is safer for all concerned in that there will not be any trip hazards built in, important in any room but especially for stairs carpeting.

Added value, a nice perfectly fitted good quality carpet will help to ‘sell’ a room to prospective buyers, likewise an amateurish DIY effort may go a long way to un-selling a property.

Whether the carpeting is required for domestic homes or for heavy use settings such as care homes, or rental properties getting the materials right, at the correct price, well fitted and safe, is most important.

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