Top Tips for teaching your teen to drive
22nd November 2016
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Being able to drive safely is a life skill, getting it right is essential. Because the driving tests are so complicated it is a brave person that teaches their own youngsters to drive, some professional tuition may be needed.

Perfect Finish suggest a few tips that may help with the process.

Make sure that the vehicle is insured for teaching someone to drive. Knocks and bumps may happen and getting the bodywork fixed could be expensive especially if another vehicle is involved. If one’s insurance company was not informed that the car is being used to teach someone to drive they may refuse cover.

Start off-the-road, manoeuvring a motor car is not a natural skill, especially going backwards. Find a quiet location that is unchallenging where the young person can learn to turn, reverse, learn to go faster and slower without coming into contact with other motorists.

Avoid congestion, it will frighten the learner and the person teaching. Busy periods such as school-times and busy days in Town should be avoided until the learner is capable of coping.

Learn to manoeuvre around a skip, don’t start reversing around someone’s very expensive limo!

Using an app, study the theory and hazard perception material that is available on-line. Would be drivers must pass these tests before they can book their practical driving test.

Every person comes to driving a car with differing levels of ability and learning styles, there is not a one-size-fits-all way to teach. Amateur driving instructors may be excellent drivers but not know how to teach, especially where their young learner is harder to teach. Professional Driving Instructors, ADI’s, are licenced, well trained to cope with all types of learners, have dual controls to keep their pupil safe (and other road users) and they carry appropriate insurance. It is illegal for an amateur driving tutor to be paid for teaching someone to drive.

Learning to drive should be a positive experience as this is the beginning of a lifelong activity. However, we all have accidents, the minor ones may fall below the insurance company excess, meaning that the owner of the car must pay. How many of us have parked whilst doing the shopping only to fine that someone has allowed a shopping trolley to scrape along the side of one’s car, or allowed their car door to crunch yours?

Perfect Finish of Bolton are experts at restoring damaged bodywork to its former glory. They take great pride in providing an unapparelled service to the trade and public with high class vehicle bodywork repairs.

Perfect Finish carry out insurance work on behalf of many leading insurance companies and are an approved accident repair centre for leading car manufacturers including Mazda, Nissan, Kia and Fiat.

If you would like to find out more about the services that Perfect Finish Ltd offer, give them a call on 01204 689934

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