Top tips for staying safe on holiday, and keeping your money safe abroad
24th July 2013
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Now the summer holidays are here, many of us are going away on holiday. But have you thought about how you’re going to keep your house safe whilst you’re away?

Before you go away make sure it looks like that someone is still staying there. Keep curtains open during the day, then ask whoever is taking care of your house to close them in the evenings. If your bedroom overlooks the street then this might be a bad idea, so consider your options carefully.

It’s not the only way neighbours or family members can help protect your house. Offer to let them park in your driveway so it looks like someones in. Ask them to mow the lawn so it looks well maintained and perhaps ask them to guard any important documents at their house until your return. If possible, mow the grass before you go away. This way, there’ll be no plants burglars can hide in.

It’s ok to mention you’re on holiday to trusted people, but don’t discuss them in front of strangers or in public. You never know who could be listening in. ask the person looking after your house not to keep your contact details with the house keys, just in case someone else picks them up.

If you have automatic timer switches for lights, use them and set all burglar alarms and lock all windows and doors.

Always think about any deliveries you’ll be expecting over your time away. Even in this electronic age, we all still get post that could pile up. The Post Office can hold back deliveries of letters and parcels for up to 8 weeks for a small charge. Remember to cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries.

When you are traveling to the resort, don’t write your address on suitcase labels. Don’t put expensive items like cameras or jewellery, keep it in hand luggage instead. Luggage usually comes with an existing padlock, but often these aren’t enough. Tie an extra belt or another lock onto the suitcase and it will stop a lot of criminals in their tracks.

It sounds obvious but never leave cases unattended. For security reasons, the airport will remove it. Worse, a criminal will.

A few days into a holiday it is common practice to exchange money. If convenient, have the exact amount you want to change ready to go, and not pull out a purse filled with cash. Anyone watching will see your money and could make you a target.

Sadly, pick pocketing is common place in some holiday destinations. Carry only what you need to and don’t put anything valuable in a handbag.

Most big hotels and apartments have a safety deposit box to put passports, cash and cards in. Keep the key with you at all times and there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re really concerned about burglars, then hide valuables in your room. A can save appears to be a normal tin to the naked eye, but the bottom of it unscrews for storage. 

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