Top tips for staying safe on Bonfire Night
24th September 2013
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Bonfire night will soon be here and I bet you're all looking forward to getting out the fireworks and eating those yummy black peas or toffee apples but the most important thing is keeping yourself and your family safe. Follow these top tips and the night will be a success!


Fireworks are a fun and fantastic thing at bonfire night, but they can also be extremely dangerous, make sure you read this before hand.

Only buy fireworks from a reputable shop. This is important as staff in other shops may not be knowledgeable about the fireworks they are selling, when buying your fireworks always make sure they have 'BS 7114' written on the box.

Always make sure your fireworks are stored safely in a metal box, make sure they are not exposed to damp or any open flames. Never store fireworks in your pocket!

When setting off fireworks it's important that you're safe and that there is only one person in charge, this person is responsible for the safety of themselves and the others around them, make sure that if you are this person, you are avoiding drinking alcohol. Set them off at an arm's length away and always have a bucket of water on hand, never ever throw the fireworks and make sure you always read the instructions!

When disposing of fireworks never put them on the bonfire or bury them, always make sure you either put them in refuse receptacles or soak them in water.

And importantly, never go back to an unlit firework!


Before you light your bonfire always make sure your neighbours know that you are going to, it's polite and may avoid them complaining. Make sure you always use dry materials to build your bonfire and avoid using damp wood etc. Make sure that you light your bonfire in open space and that it will not come into contact with anything around it.

When the bonfire is lit always make sure everyone is standing way back, never leave the fire unattended and always make sure to keep water nearby just in case.

When the bonfire is out, make sure that all the flames are gone and you can help this by spraying it with water.


We all know that children absolutely love sparklers, but they can be extremely dangerous.

Did you know that sparklers get 5 times hotter than cooking oil?

Always make sure that everyone is wearing gloves when handling them and also, it's against the law for children under the age of five to handle them!

Always keep a bucket on hand to put them in when they've gone out.


Animals hate loud noises so always make sure you keep them indoors when setting off fireworks or having a bonfire so your animals are least likely to be disturbed.

Finally, have a look at our events page where we will be regularly updating the goings on for Bonfire Night, the 'go to' displays and events!

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