Top tips for saving money at Christmas
13th November 2013
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It’s that time of the year again, Christmas is upon us and can sometimes be very stressful when it comes to keeping the costs at a minimum. With these tips your Christmas could be stress free and maybe even prepare for next year!

  • Make a list

Write a list of the gifts you have to buy for your loved ones, carry it around everywhere and tick things off as you go. It can be very easy to accidently duplicate with presents but if you have a list handy that will prevent this from happening. The most important thing is to stick to the list and not go overboard!

  • Make a no presents pact or set budgets 

This doesn't mean for the children, as Santa has it covered, but it does mean for that large group of friends you have. Buying gifts for friends and adults can be very expensive, but by making a no presents pact or setting a budget that you all stick to will save you a heap of money, and I'm sure they would like to do this too!

  • Only Send Christmas cards to distant friends and relatives 

Christmas is a time where the family gets together, so there's no point sending your close family members a card when you're going to see them, even your close friends in fact. By sending cards to only distant friends and family will cut your postage costs.

  • Don't over buy food 

When you are buying food it can be very easy to go overboard, especially when you see something that looks delicious, so make sure you only buy food that you are going to eat, it is only for one day after all. Food shop with a list to make sure you don't over buy.

  • Make the most out of vouchers 

More likely than not, you'll get a brochure posted through your door with vouchers for money off things over Christmas, but don't just throw it away! Make sure you take advantage of this as it will cut the costs wherever possible, also look for them BOGOF deals!

  • Make your own gifts 

Make Christmas more personal and special by making your own gifts to give to your loved ones, after all it's the thought that counts. You don't need to buy that bag, just make your own, it'll save you loads!

  • Start saving and planning for next year 

I know a lot of you will want to put this aside for a while but it will come quicker than you think, so what a great idea in preparing for it early so you don't have to worry when the time comes!

  • Use Thebestof Bolton! 

We can't forget our members can we, all our members are trustworthy businesses recommended to us by you the local people, who pride themselves on customer service. We also have an offers page which you can take advantage of and cut your spending costs this Christmas.

So, with these tips and tricks you will definitely be saving money and will have a stress-free Christmas!

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