Top tips for revision success!
12th May 2014
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It’s exam time! SATS, GCSE’s and College Students doing their A Levels, but sometimes revising for those exams can be really difficult. Here are some top tips to help you with your revision!

1) Don’t over work yourself!

This is a really easy mistake to make, maybe you cram all your revision into one or revise for hours on end, but this isn’t going to work. Split up your work and revise in sections and don’t forget to take those breaks every hour!

2) Make sure you’re in the right environment

Sitting at a desk can really help with revision, you’re in the environment so it’ll put you in the right space of mind whereas sitting on your bed with the television on isn’t really going to give you the motivation to revise. Music can help too but make sure it’s the right kind

3) Do lots of exam papers

Filling in exam papers really work and is extremely important when revising for exams. Why not get a friend to test you on the papers too? Which brings me on to tip 4.

4) Don’t hide away!

We all know that when we’re at home, shutting ourselves off from the noise and getting some peace seems like the best way to revise, but it isn’t. Why not get a family member to revise with you, go through questions, (this really helped for me.) Or even better, get your friends round so you can all test each other!

5) Notes!

Writing notes can be really useful, reading from a revision book and writing the most important notes down will really work but it’s important you don’t spend ages making your notes look pretty, however much you want to!

And finally, don’t panic!

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We wish you all the success in your exams!!

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