Top Tips for Perfect Wedding Photographs
5th April 2017
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Wedding photographs are those very special captures of some-bodies big day, encapsulating, hopefully, the joy and the love on this most special occasion.

There are so many ways to take a photograph, cameras are built into mobile phones, in tablets, and in a variety of purpose made cameras of all types. However, getting the picture ‘right’ so that it will be a permanent reminder, without the cringe-making mistakes, may be harder to achieve.


Making sure that the correct people are included in an arrangement that has them whole and happy, taking into account that any surrounding objects are not intruding into the snap, i.e. drain pipes, trees, flagpoles etc.

A Professional photographer will ‘scope out’ the area before the wedding, both the wedding venue and reception venue if different.


Remember that all cameras capture light, if there is very little light available you may need flash to ensure that the picture is visible. Pocket cameras and mobile phone based cameras may not have a big enough range, making it difficult to get the desired effect.

Professional photographers like Ania Pankiewicz have experience in using different light vales to enhance their photographs and where necessary their high-tech camera equipment will work with the available light. Professionals like Ania get it right every time, because you cannot go back and try again.

Capturing the emotions

A wedding is a very special event in the lives of all concerned. Everyone who is part of the happy day will want perfect photographs for the mantel piece. To ensure that everyone is visible, in the correct place, looking happily at the camera – not yawning, and that important people are not left out is essential.

Ania Pankiewicz will do her homework, know ‘who is who’ and make certain she captures all the emotions


As well as being a techie’s delight, taking artistic photographs is a skilled business. Amateurs will point and shoot, many such photographs are fine, however, a photograph taken by an artist who can bring the picture to life by portraying the emotions evident in a wedding couple, and their attendant family members, this is a very special skill.


One of Ania’s specialities is Wedding Photography, her unique style, creative flare and attention to details gives her photographs a fresh and exciting dimension!

If you would like to find out any more information about the services that Ania offers, give her a call on 07917 712549

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