Top ten tips on how to save money in 2015!
12th January 2015
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There’s so many different ways to save money, but we’ve narrowed it down to 10 ways, read on to find out how you can cut your expenses.

1) Firstly, decide on goals. Don’t come up with silly goals you’re never going to achieve, be realistic. Work out from your income and expenses, what you’ll be able to save each month/week and if you really want to, come up with one thing you’d love to buy with your savings.

2) Next, create a budget. This would be food expenses, entertainment and so much more. Decide how much you would need to spend on everything, minimum.

3) Make a shopping list. This will REALLY help you when food shopping. Write down everything you would need, but don’t go overboard, do you really need all those extra chocolate bars?

4) Which brings me onto the next point, ban the ready meals!! Ready meals are ok every once in a while, but to have them all the time is really silly. Asda’s chicken pasta in white wine costs £2.80, yet you can get a 500g bag of pasta for 29p, 100g of chopped tomatoes for 31p and an onion for less than 10p, it’s much healthier too!

5) My next point is to remove the luxuries. Okay, I know it can be hard to cut them ALL out but what about all those channels on your TV you don’t need? One problem I’ve just realised I have is that every time I go shopping, I hoard shower, bath and body products, and now I know it’s getting a little bad, I know I need to cut down!

6) If you’re shopping online, a great tip is to Google discount codes. Whether you’re buying clothes food, search the internet for coupons or codes, this is something we’ve really found useful!

7) Next is a tip to help you cut down on your electricity bill. Unplug EVERYTHING you can at night or when unused. You may have heard this a lot of times before, but believe me, it really helps when trying to cut your costs.

8) One really great tip, which can be hard for some people is to stop smoking. So we’ve calculated the cheapest pack of cigarettes, is Carlton kingsize which ae £3.17 for a pack of 10, and I bet many people smoke ones much more expensive. If you think about it, buying one pack of them a day is £22.19 a week, £88.76 a month, £1157.05 a year.  We know it can be hard to give up smoking, but Sykes Chemist are here to help, just pop into your local branch to see what they can do for you.

9) Our next tip is alcohol, we’re not saying to stop completely but at least cut down on your intake. Spending those weekends out and consuming a lot of alcohol can not only give you extra money in your pocket, but you’ll also notice so many health benefits. Just cutting back on a 2 glasses of wine a week could save you more than £400 a year!

10) Finally, have fun for less. There’s so many wonderful events happening in Bolton, and a lot of them are free. Bring your family along to fun days at the museum, or even visit the parks. You will cut down on a lot of money.

We hope you’ve found at least a couple of these tips useful, and I know that I will be definitely implementing a few of these in 2015.

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