Top 10 Energy Savings Tips For Your Business
10th June 2014
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The energy efficiency team at Love Energy Savings have put their heads together to bring you this guide, which outlines their favourite methods for energy saving and are perfect for SME’s looking to generate some extra cash and also give their green commitment a welcome boost.

1)    Install energy saving light bulbs. Energy saving light bulbs are available in most major shops and supermarkets at very affordable prices. Once you’ve fitted them you’ll be using up to 80% less electricity than traditional bulbs. Plus, they need to be changed less regularly than normal bulbs.

Some people think that they don’t look as good as old fashioned bulbs and don’t like the fact they take a while to warm up, but their appearance is improving all the time, and no one is really bothered what your light bulbs look like anyway! So switch to energy saving light bulbs and see the difference.

2)    Implement an energy management system. By fitting an energy management system you can keep track on how much gas and electric your company uses. Appoint a specific person to look after your energy audit. Potentially this could save you money and ensure your business is as energy efficient as it can be. Take meter readings every 3 months or at the end of each month to determine which areas uses the most energy and then take steps to lower the energy uses, which will ultimately save you money and protect the environment.

3)    Go easy on the air conditioning. Many offices are reliant on air conditioning but as we enter summer, work out how much you actually need it. Figure out what the optimum temperature of your air-conditioning is and consider switching the air conditioning off when it gets to this temperature. 21 degrees Celsius is a good temperature.

Usually you won’t need to use the air conditioning until temperatures are in their mid-twenties but it depends on your staff and how many people are in the office. The exact temperature to use it at will need some testing, but air conditioning is a massive drain on energy, so working out when best to use it will help lower your energy bills.   

4)    Fit motion sensors. It can be easy to forget to turn lights off when we exit a room, but motion sensors can do all the hard work for you. They will turn lights on and off automatically and therefore decrease your energy bills.

5)    Consider micro generation. Micro generation is starting to be a lot more accessible for many businesses and it’s becoming a lot easier to create your own energy which will eventually lower electricity bills. Wind turbines and photovoltaic panels will all reduce your carbon footprint and provide you with renewable energy all year round. Plus, if you find you’re creating more energy then you need, you can sell it back to the grid.

6)    Be energy efficient when making a brew. When you are using the kettle to make hot drinks you should still be thinking about your carbon footprint. Although no one would expect you to measure out every cup, only use the amount of water you’ll need and keep an eye on how much water you’re boiling. Boiling water over and over again uses valuable electricity that will add pounds to your energy bill.

7)    Close all doors and windows. This might sound like a straightforward solution, but tons of energy is wasted because windows and doors aren’t closed. In winter lots of heat will escape through open doors and in summer, open doors and windows will counteract the good work the air conditioning is doing. So keep them shut!

8)    Turn off your computer when you leave for the day. Leaving your computer switched on overnight is bad for the computer and increases your energy bills. Hitting the off switch will save your company more than £35 on electricity bills per employee. So imagine how great it will be if everyone turns their computer off at night? You can turn off other equipment too, but make sure they’re not anything that need to be connected constantly.

9)    Have all mod cons in the office. If you have out of date appliances it will increase your electricity bills dramatically. Old computers, fridges etc. won’t be as energy efficient as more up to date things, won’t look fantastic and are bad for the environment. Gradually install new goods as part of your business energy management system with more energy efficient devices and you’ll feel the advantages in the future.

10) Finally, put up energy efficiency posters. By hanging up posters around your business, telling staff to switch off computers for example, it could really help cut your energy costs. Much of the literature is available online for you to easily print off.

So there are Love Energy Savings 10 tips to save energy for your business.

Remember though that Love Energy Savings can compare energy prices from all the major suppliers and help you get the right tariff for your needs so call them on 0800 988 8375 to find out more.




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