Tonge Action Group (TAG) Set To Launch Enterprise Centre In Local Area
11th October 2012
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Tonge Action Group (TAG) are an excellent organisation doing so much good in the local community they should get an award. And they have. Several, in fact. And, this month, they are set to launch their latest venture, with an Enterprise Centre on Tonge Moor Road.

The aim of the Enterprise centre is to give local residents the opportunity for them to realise their full potential, whether this is through attending training sessions, volunteering, going back into education, getting a job or starting their own business.

They will be offering training courses including film making, drama, creative writing, journalism and photography. TAG will also be signposting residents to other courses in Tonge Moor and in Bolton, as well as making volunteering positions known for the local area.

TAG will be looking at identifying individual skills and helping these wanting to start up their own business. One of the current TAG volunteers has over 18 years of retail and wholesale business experience. The group will be offering support and advice to those who want to start up their own business as well as space within the Enterprise Centre.

It's a huge project, but one that could be very successful, and could also do a lot of good for local people in terms of employment and standard of living. But, like all charitable causes, it needs some help getting off the ground. If you feel like you could help or support the project, give Mark a call on 07944 242771.

Or, if you have any items that TAG could use in the Centre itself, including tables and chairs, fridges, sofas, display stands, etc, then that is also a great help. Contact Chris on 07583 164727 to find out how these could help.

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