Things you need to know about Islamic Divorce and Civil Divorce from AFG LAW
29th April 2015
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Did you know that an Islamic divorce is necessary to terminate the nikah contract to make it certain a divorce has been effective even if there has been a legal divorce as well? Read on for more information from AFG LAW.

It is believed that human jurisdiction cannot supersede Sharia law. English courts cannot pronounce Islamic divorces and so Muslims have to apply to a Sharia Council to obtain a Sharia divorce.

All Sharia councils in the UK apply at least one of the four recognised Islamic schools of thought:Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki and Hanbali. These each apply different interpretations of Sharia law. Many Muslims who want an Islamic divorce will contact a number of Sharia Councils to ascertain their school of thought before making the application for the divorce.

There are a number of Muslims who enter into nikah contracts without undergoing a civil marriage. Many of these believe that there nikah contract is registered under English law and have a shock when they want to file for divorce because they discover they are merely cohabitees.


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