Things to do in Bolton by Umar Hatia
10th December 2013
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With such a wide range of things to do from going into town with friends to having a game of football in a local park you can never be truly bored in Bolton. I struggle to express just how much I enjoy living here; there is nothing to complain about! Well except perhaps the weather! Just when I thought that they couldn't possibly make things much better here they announced the opening of Bolton One; I couldn't wait! I took full advantage of its facilities in the summer and went swimming with my friend's every day. Living in Bolton you can truly appreciate the atmosphere and understand how we are one big family. I remember going into town and seeing the world food market which bring exotic cuisine from all around the world as well as different souvenirs and artefacts. It was so much fun. I really couldn't imagine living anywhere else; it just wouldn't be the same. You are always made fully aware of the large selection of choices available of things to do, especially in the holidays when boredom begins to loom leaflets are posted and there are posters everywhere! You can tell that a real effort is being made. Even on regular school days there are youth clubs open alongside many sports sessions which give you the opportunity to learn something new. Just a couple of weeks ago I remember going to see the amazing fireworks display that the council had prepared it was phenomenal! Much better than anything we could have done at home, I think that things like that really show that living in Bolton means living in a caring community. With Christmas fast approaching I'm sure there will be something to entertain ourselves with and perhaps an event may be called for- in which case we have much to look forward to! I'm sure that people will make the most of their winter living in Bolton. To those who read this, fellow Boltonians (yes I made that word up), I'm sure you will agree that where we live is truly a very special place indeed.

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My name is Umar. Hatia, I am 13 years old and live in Bolton. I go to St James’s CofE Secondary School and I like chocolate, football and PS3.

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