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12th December 2013
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Bolton is one of the greatest places to be these days as not everything is miles away. Bolton is a great area with even greater things to do. There are just so many activities to choose from, I have difficulty in picking one as they are all fantastic.

Rivington Pike is my all time favourite place to be in Bolton. It is the one place where everyone and anyone can go to have a great time and explore nature. It is the place where you can leave all the work and stress of daily life, to just find time to relax. Well that's what I think anyway. This tranquil park is one of the many places where I can go and have a good time. When I go on walks there, I always seem to spot something new, as they size of the park is massive.

Bolton is great, because of its cultural diversity. I myself am not Christian, and in Bolton it does not matter what religion you are because there are many different places/restaurants you can go to. There are variety of restaurants you can go to from Spice Valley to the fish and chip shop. I like that there are wide range of religions in Bolton because I can get a better understanding of different cultures and traditions. I also get to try some of their delicious foods.

Going to the Town Centre with friends is a blast. Not only can we get something to eat, but we can also shop for all the latest clothes and shoes. It is huge Bolton's Town Centre. From River Island to Zara, the Town Centre will definitely not disappoint as the range of activities you can do here are endless.

If you are a football fan like me, you can understand why I am so into football. With the Reebok Stadium so near, and everyone so hooked to football, the atmosphere in the ground is stunning. This is why I love football and Bolton because of the roaring support of the fans. Without this, Bolton wouldn't be the same.

Bolton has had its fair share of famous people believe it or not. Peter Kay, Vernon Kay, Nat Lofthouse, Sir Ian Mckellan, Sarah Cox and many others. It is great to think that we have been walking where some of these world renowned stars have been.

If I had to some up Bolton in one word it would be magnificent. No other town, city or country in the world has to offer what Bolton does. That is why I love living here. Where else would you want to be?

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