Things to do in Bolton by D'arcy B
9th December 2013
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Bolton. The town of Diversity. Where tradition meets the future in a beautiful way!. I remember every Saturday going with my 'nanna' and twin brother to Bolton museum and Aquarium, I was fascinated by the gigantic T-Rex skeleton and mysterious mummy remains that were (and still are) on display. Chasing the abundance of fish in the aquarium was also one of the perks when I was younger, aswel as the free entry ;) I remember running down the historic cobble streets leading me to the Town Centre.

The Town Hall hosts various shows and activities which attracts many citizens every time. Including their famous characters like; Peter Kay, Vernon Kay, Paddy McGuinness and many more... The Bolton One is the newest member of the Bolton Area, Gyms, swimming pools, a university are just some of the areas in Bolton One's giant premises.

Shopping in Bolton is amazing. The Market place and Crompton place contain all you shopping needs. My favourite area in Bolton is Heaton Park; I love going there for nice walk and picnics with my family. I especially like when the fair is on there, my friends and I always go and have a great time!

I love Bolton for its diversity and exciting activities. I think everyone should visit Bolton and enjoy its beautiful ways.

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