Things to do in Bolton by Casey Obrien
11th December 2013
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If I had the opportunity to go somewhere in Bolton, my desired place would be Le Mans Crescent. When I was younger I would often walk along this stretch into Bolton with my Mum and Dad and as I walked across the cobbles, I almost felt like I had stepped back into Victorian times. The Victorian Architecture stands tall and majestic around the curve of the crescent which leads on to the magnificent pillars which upholds the entrance to the Library and the Museum. As you enter the Museum you will be flabbergasted by the enormous size and grand interior. The spiral like stair cases are extravagant and spirals on either side.

One of my personal favourite sections would have to be the Egyptology section mainly because there is an ancient Pharaoh concealed in a dusty, decomposing sarcophagus, who fascinatingly is 3000 years old! Bolton Museum has one of the most expansive collections of ancient artefacts in Egypt and belonged to the Egypt Exploration Society. For more information on this visit;

Moving on from the Egyptology section there are many more exhibitions within the Museum such as: the Pre-Historic Department, Armoury Section and the Aquarium. Personally, I love the Aquarium as it always conjures up memories of me and my Grandad coming here when I was a little boy. They have a vast array of fish, some abnormal, some normal. As you walk in, the dim lights make the room seem very dark until you see the tropical fish... WOW! They make to room light up and suddenly the room seems like a disco with the neon like colours.. they almost blind you! My favoured species has to be the Red Belly Piranhas. Their teeth as microscopic as ants but are like razor sharp daggers.

For those people who are Bookworms, the Library is a great feature, you cannot only buy or rent books but you can come here to relax or study in a quiet, peaceful environment.

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