The truth about servicing a boiler in Bolton, by VPS Plumbing
31st July 2013
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When you have an ageing boiler, the prospect of finding yourself without heat or water should not be left to chance. But often the biggest fear is that it will be written off- just when you don’t need the expense of a replacement.

VPS Plumbing are experts in boiler installation, servicing and repair. They have a wealth of knowledge about heating systems past and present.

Signs your boiler is heading for problems are a noisy pump, radiators aren’t hot, the flame isn’t clear blue, boiler is making a kettling sound, hot water not working properly and problems with your overflow pipe.

Not all boilers over 10 years old need replacing. Reputable brands like Worcester Bosch should last you at least 15 years. Even older models of boilers can continue functioning quite well, albeit not as efficiently. If your boiler is old, tweaks can be made to the system that can prolong its life. What is important is to keep your boiler serviced annually so any potential problems can be spotted early. At the moment VPS are offering a boiler service + home gas safety check for only £75

A new boiler will run on 90% efficiency compared to an older boiler running on 60%. They deliver the heat quicker saving gas, energy and your money.


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