The start of my diet… again
4th August 2009
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The start of my diet… again

How many times have you started a diet? How many times have you, like me failed miserably?

There’s every excuse under the sun and it’s always ‘after this weekend, I’ve got a wedding on Saturday’ and ‘I’m going to be good from Monday’. I have been trying to lose a stone for the last few weeks. I lost about 10lbs just after Christmas, and I’ve even kept most of it off, but it’s still not enough! I make myself feel better by saying well I could weigh more and I’m doing well to keep it off, which is true, but am I really making an effort.

The honest truth is no. Am I keeping up attending the gym 3 - 4 times a week? No. Am I cutting out the wine (laced with calories)? No. Oh and curries are soooo delicious. How can I possibly nibble on salad and healthy foods when there are so many delicious dishes to choose from?
It’s so hard to keep it up when dieting. It’s just so much easier to give in, ‘go on then just a small glass of wine’ ‘No I really couldn’t have a pudding, mind you I haven’t had one for over a week’.

I’ve tried Lipobind, I’m trying Alli. Trouble is I’m useless at remembering to take tablets so there are no results. There are so many diets to choose from and so many ‘miracle’ herbs and pills but I suppose its all down to will power and making lifestyle changes to see the long term benefits of losing and keeping weight off, plus maintaining a strong and healthy body.

Maybe if I keep blogging about weight, health and fitness it’ll keep me on track? And if anyone has a good remedy for losing weight, I’m all ears! Maybe I’ll try them all and let you know what works best.

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